Tantric siddhas - Mina

Birgit Mayer-Koenig Mayer-Koenig at INDOLOGIE.UNI-HALLE.DE
Thu Oct 29 09:04:11 UTC 1998

Dear Tibor Kovacs,
you will find a lot of material and an interesting bibliography in
David Gordon White, The Alchemical Body, Chicago and London, The
University of Chicago Press 1996.
MIna/Matsendra/Macchanda  is usually mentioned as the founder of the
Kula school.
Debabrata Sen Sharma has edited the Matsyendra SaMhita which is
ascribed to MatsendranAtha. Calcutta 1994.
Birgit Mayer-Koenig

> Dear indologists,
> is there anyone who could give me information about the relationship
of the siddhas as mentioned at the beginnig of the Hatha-yoga-pradipika
and the 84 mahasiddhas of the Vajrayana tradition? I am e
> pecially
interested in Mina - is it true, that he could be related to Matsyendra
and Minapa?
>  Is there a serious book dealing with the subject?
>  Which other lists / sanskrit manuscripts is he included?
> Thanks   Tibor Kovacs

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