SV: method of dating RV, III

Walker Trimble wytrimbl at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Tue Oct 27 12:31:07 UTC 1998

I am no expert in Indus Valley Civilisations, but I seem to remember seeing
things very much like svastikas in original and plaster cast models of
seals from Mohenjo Daro in the Indian National Museum. ** And again in
runic inscriptions where the lightning bolt motif of the god Thor is
interlocked to make a svastika with pointed ends (which I think was the
origin of Hitler's SS-swastika).  Of course, svastikas are very common in
my svade'sa of Arizona, among the Navajo they refer to the four directions
and have no direct meaning of blessing.  It is clearly a compelling sign
and an attractive design form. Again, just armchair observation.

W. Trimble

>hypothesis? Take the diffusion of svastika_ icon for example; the
>archaeological sites in NW India have yielded over 50 seals with this icon;
>and some have been found in BMAC sites. The icon has been read, in the
>of bronze-age weapons: as satti, knife, dagger (Pali); satthia, auspicious
>mark (Pkt.)( for the entire corpus of
>inscriptions and decipherment method).
>Can Avestan be dated earlier than ca. 600 BC? or ca. 1000 BC as Burrow
>attempts to surmise?
>Best regards, Kalyanaraman
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