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Dear Prof Witzel,
The following info (from the eMail forwarded)
will certainly help you,
in addition to what you have already got.
Date:    Thu, 22 Oct 1998 16:49:08 PDT
From:    "Dr.S.Kalyanaraman" <kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET>
Subject: Sarasvati River: Himalayan Glaciology and Projects


The following URL updates provide details on:

1) Glaciological and Geological Sources of Vedic Sarasvati River in the
   (Recent Geosciences monograph by Dr. VMK Puri and BC Verma,
    Geological Survey of India)

2)Slides/Poster Presentations: Get Involved in ongoing Sarasvati River
   Heritage and Development Projects:

    The URLs are: (required to read  =

    Rigvedic r.ca_s in Devana_gari, included on some slides/poster pages)=

Please feel free to download these slides/poster presentations to any
interested groups of sis.t.a_s and professionals.
 I would deeply appreciate receiving comments and suggestions.

Thanking you and with the best regards,

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