Relationship Between Temple Architecture and Cosmology

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Artur Karp wrote:
>  Are there papers or books on this subject?  Or do you know people who
>  have studied it?

Sorry; this might be a long list but I thought other listmembers
might be interested, too:

-Akrisch, M.; 1987: "Comment decrire les objets techniques".
 in: Techniques et Culture, No. 9: p. 49-63.
-Beck, Brenda; 1969: "Colour and Heat in South Indian Ritual." in
 Man, No. 4: p. 553-572.
-Harle, James C.; 1963: "Temple Gateways in South India: The Architecture
 and Iconography of the Cidambaram Gopuras." Oxford: Bruno Cassirer Ltd.
-Lansing, J.S.; 1991: "Priests and Programmers: Technologies of Power
 in the Engineered Landscape of Bali." Princeton: Princeton University
-Leach, Edmond; 1983: "The Gatekeepers of Heaven."
 Journals of Anthropological Research, No. 39/3: p. 243-264.
-Link, Hilde; 1993: "Das Unbegreifbare greifbar machen: S"udindische
 Baumeister gestalten einen sakralen Platz." in Anthropos, No. 88:
 p. 194-201.
-Michell, George; 1991: "Der Hindu-Tempel. Baukunst einer Weltreligion."
 K"oln: DuMont Verlag.
-Pfaffenberger, Bryan; 1980: "The Hindu Temple as a Machine, or, the
 Western Machine as a Temple". in: Techniques et Culture, No. 16:
 p. 183-202.
-Pfaffenberger, Bryan; 1988: "Fetishised Objects and Human Nature:
 Towards an Anthropology of Technology." in Man, No. 23: p. 236-252.
-Staudenmaier, J.M.; 1989: "The Politics of Successfull Technologies",
 p. 150-171 in S.H. Cutlippe and R.C. Post: "In Context: History and
 the History of Technology." Betlehem: Lehigh University Press.

As you can see there's a lot of literature in the anthropological field.
I found the readings above all very interesting and enlightening, there
is more but unfortunately I don't have my papers at hand.
George Michell's book is a primer and a must for anybody interested in
Indian Temple architecture.
It should be available in various translations.

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