Draft 7-bit Indic transliteration scheme

Anthony P Stone stone_catend at COMPUSERVE.COM
Wed Oct 21 10:02:08 UTC 1998

Dear Colleagues

In connection with the proposed International Standard for Indic
transliteration, I have put on the Web a draft 7-bit scheme, as well as
notes on the draft scheme with diacritics.    The 7-bit scheme is not
supposed to be the best for all purposes, but is intended principally for
the transmission and storage of text for direct reading.   See:


Please give your comments and suggestions (which are very welcome) before
the end of November 1998.

With apologies to those who receive more than one copy of this posting,   
Tony Stone

Dr Anthony P. Stone, Project Leader, ISO/TC46/SC2/WG12 Transliteration of
Indic scripts.  
Thinking aloud on transliteration:

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