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Horst Lasic lasic at OEAW.AC.AT
Mon Oct 19 08:17:50 UTC 1998

Dmitry Olenev wrote:

>   Dear colleagues,
>   while translating Nyaabhashya I came across this phrase: annam vai
> praa.nina.h praa.naa.h.(NBh I.1.2 p.76.16 in Nyaadarzanam, with
> Vaatsyaayana's Bhaashya, Uddyotakara's Vaarttika, Vaacaspati Mizra's
> Taatparya.tiikaa & Vizvanaatha's V.rtti, New Delhi, Munshiram
> Manoharlal, 1985). It seems certainly to be a quotation, but I was not
> able to identify source from which it was taken. Could anybody of you
> help me in this connection? I'll be very grateful for any relevant
> infromation.
> Dmitry Olenev.

Anantalal Thakur says ( in his edition of the NBh, New Delhi 1997) with
regard to this sentence that one should look at Mahaabhaarata 13.63.25.
Have also a look at NBh ad 2.2.62 and 4.1.54.

Horst Lasic

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