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George Thomson wrote:

Finally, I just don't think that the RV is very old or very Indic. If there
are good arguments against this assumption, of course I will yield to them.

George, I think this is a potentially rewarding thread. My own feelings about the RV have always been that it is innovative rather than conservative:
1) It presents what I would call the first Indian sectarian religion, "Indraism"
2) It is surprisingly male-oriented - female deities are marginalised to an extent which looks suspicious. 
3) It is very war-like (see point 1), which would seem to indicate that it reflects the historical situation of migration and war-like encounters, a situation where religion may take on innovative aspects. (The old discussion about  the "demons" of India being Dravidian or not, is irrelevant. What goes on on earth necessarily goes on in heaven, so Indra's fight against demons will reflect a fighting situation on earth, whoever he is fighting). 

As far as I am concerned, generally speaking, the most conservative thing about the RV is the language.

Let me ask you: when do you think that the RV was created? Some more info, please!

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