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Thank you Lars for your precious info.
The info on Oguibenine's book was supplied by Prof. Oguibenine's
I have not checked the book. Nevertheless, since from the time of
Fascism we "Italianize" (to paraphrase Benjamin's words) into Italian
everything, even comp words that have been invented in English (such as
to scan=scannerizzare -- even though "scannare", which means to cut the
throat of somebody, is also used!). It seems very improbable to me that
the book has been published in Italy in French. But I cannot say
anything before opening it.
(However, we -- Italian Indologists -- all know French pretty well,
therefore in practice French or Italian do not make much difference to
us -- even though yours is a very precious bibliographic info).


Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
> Enrica Garzilli wrote:
> It is my pleasure to inform you that the book of Prof. B. Oguibenine, of
> which the English version has been recently announced by Dominik, had
> also been published in Italian (Pisa: Giardini, 1985).
> Judging from my own copy of the book, the Italian edition is in French, not in Italian. ("Essais sur la culture vedique et indo-europeenne").
> Best regards,
> Lars Martin
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