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Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Tue Oct 13 17:24:51 UTC 1998

> Has your thesis now been published? (Bibliographic data??)

I plan to have it in the hands of Oxford U. Press for review by Jan come
hell or high water. 

In that case, the best of luck to you! Would it be possible to get a copy of it for reference before it is published? (I don't want to do your work over again in my own endeavours.)

 In honesty, other research projects are beckoning and
I feel I have personally exhausted this topic intellectually. 

You have my sympathy. It is a natural reaction to such an emotional subject. And everybody needs a change.

 Dominik had
asked me to post a position paper on Indology which I will do at some
point (if everyone has not become sick to death of the I-A problem) but
teaching pressures have brought all superfluous projects to a screeching
halt for now.  

One question: I am trying to get into contact with a person at Oxford who could help me get into a college (it seems to be the only way to get access to library resources in that town). Would you know anyone who could advice me? I tried to email James Benson, but he hasn't answered, and another attempt proved equally fruitless. 

Best regards,

Lars Martin

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