method of dating RV, III

Erik Seldeslachts erik.seldeslachts at RUG.AC.BE
Tue Oct 13 14:07:31 UTC 1998

George Thompson wrote:
> The RSi vaza azvya, the beneficiary of pRthuzravas's generosity, contrasts
> his own good fortune against that of the a'deva: the one who does not
> worship the devas. Now, such an a'deva could be: (1) a Vedic Aryan hostile
> to the devas; (2) an Iranian Aryan hostile to the devas; (3) a Dravidian or
> some other non-Aryan hostile to the devas.
> If I were a betting man, I'd bet on (2), especially since kanIta is a
> non-Vedic, a Scythian, name.

I agree that the name kanIta may be Iranian, but can somebody explain me on what base
it may be specified as being Scythian in such an early period as that of the RV ?

Erik Seldeslachts
Universiteit Gent
Gent, Belgium

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