Self-sacrificing Pets

Enrica Garzilli garzilli at SHORE.NET
Sun Oct 11 18:06:22 UTC 1998

It is also true the opposite, the sati of mistresses for their "pets"
such as a famous queen of Babylon (whose I forgot the name now!) who
commetted sati for her horse. You can find all the references -- and her
name -- on E. Garzilli, "First Greek and Latin Documents on Sahagamana
and Some Connected Problems", IIJ ns. 3 and 4, 1997.


p.s. please do not forget the famous female kapoti in the MhB who
commetted sati.
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Mary Storm wrote:
> Dear Indologists,
> A few months ago there was a thread going about devoted pets and devoted
> pet owners.
> Recently, while reading the Rajatarangini I ran across an unusual
> reference to a cat who became sati upon the death of her master, King
> Sussala. It seems the modern tendency to anthropomorphize our pets is
> not new.
> Does anyone know of any other sati pets?
> Mary Storm


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