On Agastya and Aryanization - 1

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 12 01:07:41 UTC 1998

Potters and the Indian priestly class have ancient connections.
To add to the discussion of kOtu kulam, potters and their
connection to "Siva cult:

KaDuveLi Siddhar, in one of the most popular of all siddha poetry,
calls "Siva as a potter.

   nanda van2attil Or aaNDi - avan2
     naalaaRu maadamaayk kuyavan2ai vENDik
   koNDu vantaan2 oru tONDi - mettak
     kuuttaaDik kuuttaaDip pOTTu uDaittaaNDi

"a beggar in a flower garden
   sought out for a potter,
   and pleaded for 10 long months-
   Prayers granted; the beggar brought forth
     a water pot.
   Then, what's the use?
   He danced frantically and
     slipped the pot.
   It became pieces"

Here, beggar is Atman; potter is "Siva; pot is body;
the dance is life...

KaDuveLi uses "Siva explicitly few times elsewhere.

N. Ganesan

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