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>He is also known as rOmaza. (ra-layOrabhEdaH)
>As far as I remember he is one of those few who are supposed to
>have extremely high longevity (chiranjIvis). He supposed to loose
>one hair on his body at the end of each kalpa, and he is supposed to die
>after he looses all the hairs. You will find references to him in
>the vanaparva, anuzAsanikaparva, and zAntiparva of Mahabharata.
        More precisely, you'll find the RSi lomaza in MBh at (Calcutta ed.):
from III,8407 where he meets the pANDavas to accompany them on the tIrthayAtrA
until III,12337 where he is going to heaven, he tells the legends attached
to the tIrthas (many refs to him).
XII,1594 near the bhISma's arrow-bed
XIII,7672 one of the north's RSis
        In the last you'll find also lomaharSaNa, an other north's RSi, who
is the father of ugrazravas.
        From XII,4934 until 5096, lomaza is the name of a cat.
        The romazas are a people in II,1850.

        If you know the Sanskrit name of a tIrtha near the Ravalsa lake, I
can try to find it in the tIrthayAtrA of the MBh.
        Hoping to help,

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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