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Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EAST.UIO.NO
Fri Oct 9 15:10:39 UTC 1998

>efeoci wrote:
>> Dear Members,
>> I am Meera Pramila searching for information on identity and or legend
>> of R.si Loma'sa or Roma'sa, for a friend who is in Himachal Pradesh,
>> India, writing about the Ravalsa Lake area, sacred to Padmasambhava,
>> where there is an important shrine to R.si Loma'sa and excellent
>> image.
>> The local people say he did one lakh times one lakh years of tapas
>> there. He is mentioned in Puraa.na-s, stories by him appear in
>> Mahaabhaarat, but we cannot find identifying
>> references. If any scholars know anything at all that would give
>> us background on this R.si would they kindly
>> let us know?
>> with thanks,
>> Meera Pramila,
>> student of Hinduism
>Maybe you can find something in
>Hazra, R.C."Studies in the Puranic Records on Hindu Rites and Customs",
>Delhi, 1.ed. 1940 (pp.58-63,77,92-93,99-100)    ?
>But there the author is speaking about Lomahar.sa.na, a sage, could this
>be the same ?
>K. Hofmann

No, Lomahar.sa.na (the suuta, father of Ugra'sravas who recites the
Mahabharata) does not seem to be the same person as Loma'sa, the rishi who
accompanies the Pandavas on their tiirthayaatraa (Mbh. III) as a kind of
religious guide who tells them a lot of stories. See also Vettam Mani,
Puranic Encyclopaedia, Delhi 1975. Apparently, little else is known about
this Loma'sa.
Georg v. Simson

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