Ramayana comparisons

Yaroslav V. Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
Thu Oct 8 19:47:31 UTC 1998

Among many works on the issue of similiarities between the Ramayana and
the Iliad the first ones that came to mind are:
        Nabaneeta Sen. Comparative Stadies in Oral Epic Poetry and the VAlmIki
RAmAyaNa: a Report on the BAlakANDa. - JAOS,vol.86, 1966, n.4;
        J.L.Brockington. A Note on Mrs Sen's Article on the RAmAyaNa. - JAOS,
vol.89, 1969, n.2;
        Two articles by Robert Antoine in "Jadavpur Journal of Comparative
Literature", vol. 11, 1973, pp. 45-92; vol.12, 1974, pp.1-29 and his monograph:
        R.Antoine. Rama and the bards: Epic memory in the Ramayana. Calcutta,
Writers Workshop, 1975.
        I think the most detailed comparison between the RAmAyaNa and Homer's
poems was drawn by Pavel Grintser in: Drevneindijskij epos: Genezis i
tipologija. Moskow, 1974. Unfortunately, this excellent book has not been
yet translated from Russian into any other language. See, however, its
reviews by J.de Jong in his Recent Russian Publication on the Indian Epic.-
"Adyar Library Bull.", vol 39 (1975) and The Study of the MahAbhArata. A brief
survey. Part II. - Hokke bunka kenkyu n.11, March 1984; see also W.Doniger
(O'Flaherty) in "Religious Studies Review", vol.4, n.1. Jan. 1978, pp. 19-27.
        Best wishes,
                                        Yaroslav Vassilkov

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