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Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Wed Oct 7 19:11:54 UTC 1998

Ruth Rickard has noticed this informative posting on the Buddhist discussion

I have tried the URLs indicated; they are useful search tools, to start with,
before determining competitive price offers, ranging from small booksellers to
online behemoths.

Regards, Kalyanaraman

From: Nikolai Vishnevsky <sako at US.NET>
Subject:  For Book Worms -- book search sites

  Here are the URLs of two book searching services. They are pretty nifty
sights: write in the title of the book, or the name of the author, or oth,
click on the button and a few seconds later you will receive info on the 
book, on the various online bookshops that carry it, and the different 
prices. Furthermore, if you decide to order, just click on your chosen 
bookstore and you are taken directly to the ordering window of that bookstore.

Both sites are good and have substantial overlap, but each also searches
bookstores the other does not search. So if you are looking for a rare
book, it is worth it to search both places. As I learned through them,
Amazon often is *not* the cheapest option.

I heard of one site from a post in another forum, and of the other when a
member of this list kindly sent a personal message informing me about it.
Here they are:



The MX bookfinder, by the way, also searches for used or out of print books(as
long as they are in the databases of the online bookstores that carrythem.)

One more thing: if you are in the US and want to order books printed in
India that US bookstores rarely carry (e.g., Motilal Banarsidass, Manohar)
a good bookstore to check is:


You can browse through their catalogs, but I think theirs is not a secure
site, so it is better to order over the phone (they give you very prompt



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