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Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Tue Oct 6 15:57:44 UTC 1998

Lars Martin wrote: (snip)

> I accept the verdict of Dominik. As long as booksellers are able to tell us
WHERE their lists may be found, the interests of both parties should be
served. > (snip)

I remember there is a website created by Dr. David Magier which lists the
south asia book sellers; it is unfortunate, many of these booksellers do not
have their own webpages. There should be someway to help create a resource
list webpage of books on sale, on a website such as the indology website? Dr.
Domink's point about repetitive lists is an issue to resolve, though. When I
had met the Jayalakshmi Indology Bookseller in Chennai, I suggested that they
could link up with Amazon or barnesandnoble and add the indology book lists...
I have tried these two online booksellers who claim to list millions of books;
even there, it is tough to get a good indology book list.


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