[SV: some op/old books on India & British India]

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Mon Oct 5 22:01:20 UTC 1998

In response to Lars and Dr SK, you would be surprised at how many
booksellers there are who are very keen to post their book lists to the
INDOLOGY list, and at the size of their lists. If this door were opened
we would find a lot of such postings, increasing bandwidth significantly,
to the detriment of our more modestly-funded members.

Many of these book lists are *very* long, and very repetitive, repetitive,
repetitive. In my opinion this is not an appropriate use of our list.  I
am more than happy

a) for booksellers to post *notices* to INDOLOGY saying that they have a
new list of books, and giving us its URL, or inviting members to request
it privately by email;

b) to provide a page of URL links to booksellers, which I do as part of
the INDOLOGY web pages.  These booksellers can then make whatever
information they wish available to us.

In my view, the above two facilities surely meet the wishes of booksellers
and of us scholars very fully.

I can't see that our needs as scholars would be better served by the
inclusion of many lists of books in our email.  Apart from other reasons,
this is a most inconvenient way of consulting such information: a web site
is much better, and easier to deal with.

Dominik Wujastyk

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