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Mon Oct 5 07:59:33 UTC 1998

On  4 Oct 98 at 11:35, S Krishna wrote:

> I'm looking for a samskr*t zloka ( a fairly elementary zubhASitam)
> that translates as:
> "Good friendship is like the shadow of a tree in the afternoon; it
> starts off by being small and lengthens as a function of time, Bad
> friendship is like the shadow of a tree in the early part of the
> day; it starts off by being long and reduces as a function of time"
>   I would be greatful to anybody for the samskr*t original and the
> source.

        aarambhagurvii k.sayi.nii
        laghvii puraa v.rddhimatii ca pa;scaat /
        dinasya puurvaardhaparaardhabhinnaa
        chaayeva maitrii khalasajjanaanaam /

The Epigrams Attributed to Bhartrhari Including the Three Centuries.
[...] crit. ed. [...] by D. D. Kosambi. Bombay 1948 (Singhi Jain
Series. 23.). Stanza No. 62. (Section: Niiti;slokaa.h)

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