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   I have been seriously misrepresented by Srinivas Parchure. Nowhere
have I claimed that Jacobi was influenced by Vedic Mathematics. Jacobi
the Indologist looked at astronomical references in the Rigveda which
pointed to dates between 4500 and 2500 BC for their composition -- or so
he thought. Jacobi the mathematician is irrelevant.

   I have no control over others misrepresenting me. My request is that
people go to my own work and not judge on the basis of hearsay. If my
books are not immediately accessable, they can go to my website:

   <http://www.vedickalidas.home.ml.org> for an idea. But it is not a
substitute for my books.

   I am interested to learn that Hermann Grassman turned to Indology. (I
am a mathematician myself, a former professor of mathematics at a couple
of universities in the U.S. until I decided to devote full time to
ancient history.)

Thank you!


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