Th. de Bruijn pventhb at XS4ALL.NL
Fri Oct 2 09:41:27 UTC 1998

Janet Freeman wrote

Within the Word97 Insert>Symbol dialog box is a command button
labelled Shortcut Key... which allows you to allocate the symbols
to key combinations.

Janet Freeman

Dear Indologists,

Thank you Janet Freeman and Agnes Korn for the tips on using the Unicode glyphs and Word97. A few problems remain however and perhaps the list is interested in this (if not, they will have skipped this message altogether). Bigler's UniKey is a nifty program, but not a keyboard remapper, it does not allow you to alter the general keyboard layout under Win95. It only facilitates the insertion of Unicode characters in a more graphical pleasing way than Word's Insert>Symbol dialogue or the Character Map function which dates from Win3.0 and is just as un-userfriendly as it was back then. In my experience UniKey under W95 does not work outside Word97 (have not tried other Unicode compliant editors, but in Wordpad any non-Ansi character appears as a ?). Perhaps switching to W98 might give improvement in this area, but will undoubtedly create other problems.

The suggestion by Janet Freeman is interesting: by combining templates and keyboard definitions one could perhaps build a usable interface for typing in Unicode Sanskrit/Hindi in Word97. Will start working on it.

Thanks for the suggestions, 
Thomas de Bruijn

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