[Rice on Tilak]

Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Fri Oct 2 00:04:33 UTC 1998

Dehejia wrote: (snip)> > But the more important reason is husked rice, as
opposed to other cereals or lentils, does not sprout. It is beyond growth and
decay and therefore complete, whole.> > Anthropoligically rice is more ancient
than wheat in India. The Dravidian connection cited by you is an interesting

I request you to refer to the following web pages:

     A map detailing the diffusion of black and red ware and rice from     
Lothal (2200 BC) to Sonpur (650 BC)attesting to the continuity of the     

     A few pages of ancient lexemes of Indian languages related to       many
forms of rice. This semantic cluster is one sample from among       thousands
of lexical repertoire where the Dravidian/Mundarica etyma       and Aryan
etyma coalesce, in a remarkable dialectical continuum from       Gujarati to
Bengali, from Nepali to Tamil to Sinhalese.

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