SV: Is the Aryan Invasion a Myth?

Mon Nov 30 21:02:25 UTC 1998

>In connection with this question, it would be useful to mention that the
>proceedings of the 1996 Michigan-Lausanne International Seminar on the
>theme "Aryan and Non-Aryan in South Asia: Evidence, Interpretation, and
>Ideology" are close to being published.

Another book of importance would be the Philadelphia Conference volumes
edited by Dr. Victor Mair.
The Bronze Age and Early Iron age peoples of Eastern Central Asia

Prof.Narains identification and prediction of the "first indo-europeans"
which now seems to have archeological confirmation has really made
some of the extremist Europeanists like Mallory and many linguists very
angry that their dogma is being questioned.

In the Spring/Summer98 issue of JIES there is some entertaining writing
with accusations of necromancy :).

It is good to see that more people are shaking off the sheep mentality
and questioning the dogma that has been peddled till now. I hope
that the honest views of scholars like Denis Sinor, Narain and
Linguists like R.M.W.Dixon will help in bringing some sanity.
I must say that Dixon's "Rise and Fall of Languages" is an excellent book -
lots of common sense in it.

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