Buddhist prayer or poem by Tagore ?

Rahni Ennor e8902730 at STUDENT.ANU.EDU.AU
Mon Nov 30 03:45:43 UTC 1998

> Laura Fiori <gd.fiori at FLASHNET.IT> wrote in Buddha-L :
>  Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers
>  but to be fearless in facing them.
>  Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain
>  but for the heart to conquer it.
>  Let me not look to allies in lifeís battlefields
>  but to my own strength.
>  Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved
>  but hope for patience to win my freedom.
>Can someone tell me what its source is? I thought it might be the
>Bodhicharyavatara, but couldn't locate it in the text.
>Thanks, laura
>jonathan lawson <jlawson at post.harvard.edu> responded :
>Laura, I think the poem you mention is "Fruit Gathering" by
>Rabindranath Tagore.
>Anybody on this list knows the exact source ?
>Thanks,  Richard

I don't have the exact source with me, but it is definitely Tagore.

Rahni Ennor

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