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Ruth Laila Schmidt r.l.schmidt at EAST.UIO.NO
Mon Nov 30 10:18:18 UTC 1998

Dear members of the list,

I suddenly find I need to know the number of Urdu speakers in Bangladesh
and Nepal, but do not have access to the censuses of these countries. For
Nepal, I have the information provided by Wolf Donner in _Lebensraum Nepal_
(1994) that there were 2,650 Urdu speakers there in 1961.

As according to the last, Indian census there were 8,542,463 Urdu speakers
in Bihar and 1,455,649 in West Bengal, it seems reasonable that there may
be some in Bangladesh and Nepal as well.

Is there some kind soul out there who has access to this information who
can send me the figures or tell me where to find it? I have access to
reference works but not to censuses.

With grateful thanks,

Ruth Schmidt

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