Aids to the study of Shankaracharya

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>A dictionary of the kind Prof. Arjunwadkar suggested is not available, as far
>as I know. To compile such a dictionary one would first need complete word
>indices to the works of ;Sa:nkaraacaarya. My information in that area extends
>only to the following:
>Mahadevan, T.M.P. Index to the Brahma-Sutra-Bhasya of Sankara. 2 parts.
>Madras: University of Madras. (This includes important words but leaves out
>verbs, particles etc. making stylistic and authorship studies difficult.)
>D'sa, F. 1985. Word-Index to Sankara's Gita-bhasya. Pune: Institute for the
>Study of Religion. Series: Linguistic Aids for the Study of Indian Religious
>As I recall, some work similar to these in that a few individual bhaa.syas
>were indexed has also been carried out at the Shri Dwarkadhish Sanskrit
>Academy andIndological Research Institute, located behind the Arts and
>Commerce college
>near the S.T. Bus Station, Dwarka 361 335, Jamnagar Dt., Gujarat. As I do not
>have my notes with me, I cannot be sure in this regard. 
>The last I inquired the A.J. Alston volumes (íaµkara Source-book. London:
>Shanti Sadan, 29 Chepstrow Villas.  Six vols:  íaµkara on the Absolute, 
>íaµkara on the Creation,  íaµkara on the Soul, íaµkara on Rival views,
íaµkara on
>Discipleship, and íaµkara on Enlightenment. The first vol also contains a
>historical introduction), were out of print. I hope they have been
reprinted since.
>Of much more limited use for the particular inquiry would be: van Buitenen,
>J.A.B.;  Deutsch, Elliot.19xx. A source book of Advaita Vedånta.  
>ashok aklujkar
>K. S. Arjunwadkar wrote:
>> Nov 26, 1998
>> Dear Members,
>> I have been studying and teaching works of the great Shankaracharya for
>> more than four decades. During all these years I have felt that two kinds
>> of aids would be extremely helpful to those who study Shankaracharya
>> seriously:
>> (1) A Dictionary of all important words in his philosophical works
>> explaining them on the basis of their use in his works with full references
>> to the texts; (cp. A Dictionary of Sanskrit Grammar by K. V. Abhyankar
et al)
>> (2) An anthology of select passages from his works, accompanied by their
>> English translation, as a direct introduction to his philosophy.
>> I do not know if any scholar of Shankara has thought or worked in this
>> direction.
>> Can any member enlighten me on this point?
>> Regards.
>> KSA
To Dr. Ashok Aklujkar
Dear Ashok,
Thank you for the information. My idea is not so much of stylistic and
other studies as of concepts. An instance in this regard is that of the
Yoga dictionary published by Kaivalya Dham, Lonavla, besides the one of
Sanskrit grammar already mentioned in my first posting.
Best wishes.

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