Skanda-Murukan Conference, Chennai

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Nov. 29, 1998

Dear Friends,

The Institute of Asian studies, Chennai (Madras) is hosting
the first International Conference Seminar on Skanda-Murukan
which will be held during December 28-30, 1998.

As you may know, the Institute of Asian Studies have brought many
valuable publications relating to South Indian studies. It publishes a
bi-annual journal, the Jl. of the Inst. of Asian Studies in which
many veterans of Indological pursuits have published during
the last 12+ years.

If you happen to be in {South} India during Christmas holidays,
Chennai (Madras) is an worthy place to visit.  During December,
Madras has Carnatic music concerts, book fairs and good weather.

The IAS website is at

Skanda-Murukan conference

On Murukan bhakti:

If you are planning to attend, please write to
 Dr. G. John Samuel, Chairman at ias at
or to Dr. Patrick Harrigan, Secretary at harrigan at

The IAS with its highly qualified and helpful staff, up-to-date
computer facility,  a great library is located in
a million+ dollar facility on the sea shore en route to
the seventh century Pallava site, Mamallapuram:

   Institute of Asian Studies
   Chennai 600 119

   Tel: 44- 4961662
   Fax: 44- 4960959

    Some topics of papers:
    1) Iravatham Mahadevan,
       Murukan in the Indus inscriptions
    2) Asko Parpola,
       Murukan in the Indus script
    3) Alexander Dubianski,
       Skanda-Murukan: Time and Nature associations
    4) Patrick Harrigan
      "My God, you are a trouble maker!" or
       The element of Play in Kaumara Mysticism
    5) Hilde Link
       Where Valli meets Murukan:
       Landscape symbolism in Kataragama, Sri Lanka.
    6) S. Pathmanathan,
       The Hindu-Buddhist interaction in Sri Lanka:
       a guardian God of Lanka
    7) Dieter B. Kapp,
       An incarnation of Murukan and Valli according to
       a tradition of the Alu Kurumabas.
    8) S. S. Janaki,
       Subrahmanya in Sanskrit agamic literature.
    9) M. Shanmugam Pillai,
       veRiyaaTTu: Tribal worship in Cankam literature.
   10) Indira Y. Junghare, Minnesota
       Skanda-kumara in Maharashtra

       and many more.

Everyone is invited.
Hope to see you at IAS, Chennai (Madras)

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With kind regards,
N.  Ganesan

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