Aids to the study of Shankaracharya

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>Response to K.S. Arjunwadkhar re: aids to the study of Shankaracharya:
>I have included substantial and "reader-friendly" selections (rendered in
>English only) from the Brahmasutra commentaries of both Shamkara and
>Ramanuja in my SIX CLASSICS OF EASTERN PHILOSOPHY (Harcourt Brace, 1998,
>ISBN 0-15-567749-7).  This anthology is intended as an introduction to
>eastern philosophical classics for students at the undergraduate level and
>for general readers.  It is not aimed at the scholarly community, but you
>might find it of some interest.
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>Subject: Aids to the study of Shankaracharya
>>Nov 26, 1998
>>Dear Members,
>>I have been studying and teaching works of the great Shankaracharya for
>>more than four decades. During all these years I have felt that two kinds
>>of aids would be extremely helpful to those who study Shankaracharya
>>(1) A Dictionary of all important words in his philosophical works
>>explaining them on the basis of their use in his works with full references
>>to the texts; (cp. A Dictionary of Sanskrit Grammar by K. V. Abhyankar et
>>(2) An anthology of select passages from his works, accompanied by their
>>English translation, as a direct introduction to his philosophy.
>>I do not know if any scholar of Shankara has thought or worked in this
>>Can any member enlighten me on this point?

Nov 28, 98
Dear Member,
Thanks a lot for the information.

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