Q:Dehatmavada of Badarinath Sukla

Dmitry Olenev tattvarthi at YAHOO.COM
Fri Nov 27 10:31:39 UTC 1998

    Dear colleagues,

    more than 10 years ago Badarinath Sukla, a great naiyayika,
 propounded his theory of dehatmavada at the conference of scholars
 held at Sarnath. The text of report has been translated into English
 and published in Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research,
 Vol.5, No3, 1988 under the title "Dehaatmavaada or the body as soul:
exploration of a possibility within Nyaaya thought".  In this
connection I'd like to know whether the
 original text of the report (in sanskrit) has ever been published or
 not. Besides, this theory because of its originality must have caused
lively discussion, so I'd like also to know of articles related to
    Could you help me find relevant references? I'll be very grateful
 for any useful information.

Sincerely Yours  Dmitry Olenev

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