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Tue Nov 24 07:30:21 UTC 1998

Volume LII, 1 (1998) of Asiatische Studien / Etudes Asiatiques came out
some weeks ago. It contains the following articles:
Johannes Bronkhorst: "Does the Veda have an author? A reply to Professor
Stephen H. Phillips."
Mahinda Deegalle: "Marathon preachers: the two-pulpit tradition in Sri Lanka."
Vincent Eltschinger: "Bhaavaviveka and Dharmakiirti sur aagama et contre la
Miimaa.msaa (I)."
Victoria Lyssenko: "La connaissance suprarationnelle chez Pra'sastapaada."
Sheldon Pollock: "Bhoja's 'S.rngaaraprakaa'sa and the problem of rasa: a
historical introduction and annotated translation."
Renate Syed: "Objekt des Begehrens - Objekt des Abscheus: zum Bild des
weiblichen Koerpers in ausgewaehlten altindischen Texten."
Herman Tieken: "The distribution of the absolutive in in
The volume further contains a number of book reviews and book notices.
Individual issues of the journal can be obtained from the publisher, Peter

Johannes Bronkhorst

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