Sanskrit plays on European stages (and elsewhere)

Jan Filipsky filipsky at SITE.CAS.CZ
Wed Nov 18 09:37:26 UTC 1998

Dear Netters

The impressive list of Sanskrit plays staged throughout Europe
compiled and published on Indology by Klaus Karttunen could be
amended as follows:

>1922 BhAsa's CArudatta translated by V. Lesny, performed in Prague.

1873 Kalidasa's Zakuntala translated by Cenek Vyhnis - published in Prague
1893 Kalidasa's "MAlavikAgnimitra" translated by Josef Zubaty published in
1893 MRcchakaTika, translated as "Little Clay Cart" by the poet Jaroslav
Vrchlicky from the German version by E. Pohl and staged in the National Theatre
in Prague
1944 new poetic translation of Kalidasa's Zakuntala by Jaroslav Vrchlicky
in Moravska Ostrava, 3rd. ed., Praha 1961
1947 Vrchlicky's translation of Zakuntala staged in Disk Theatre, Prague
1959 MRcchakaTika (a new translation from the Sanskrit and Prakrit originals by
Ivo Fiser and J. Pokorny) published in Prague
1963 the same staged in Disk Theatre in Prague
1968 the same staged in the State Theatre in Brno
1972 Vrchlicky's translation of Zakuntala staged in Oldrich Stibor Theatre
in Olomouc
1987 new translations of Kalidasa's VikramorvazIyam and BodhAyana's
prahasana "Ascetic and
Courtesan" by Dusan Zbavitel published by Odeon in Prague

Obviously, the literary excellence of Sanskrit dramas are better appreciated
by readers
than by a theatre audience.
Best wishes, Jan Filipsky

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