Asian Religions and Modern Science

Mon Nov 16 17:06:15 UTC 1998

The Ritual Origin of Geometry and Origin of Mathematics
by Seidenberg in the Archive for History of Exact Sciences
There is a related paper by Seidenberg in Staals Agni
as well.

A recent publication which has a collection of some papers :
Computing Science in Ancient India
Editors: TRN Rao & Subhash Kak


At 09:36 AM 11/14/98 -0800, you wrote:
>A colleague, Mike McClymond of Saint Louis University, who has organized a
>series of conferences on Science and Religion with Templeton Foundation
>funds, has been asked by the Foundation to broaden the scope of these
>conference beyond the Judeo-Christian sphere.  He is therefore seeking
>suggestions of scholars, books, and articles dealing--in a substantive
>way- -with questions the interface between Hinduism and/or Buddhism and
>science (see below).  If anyone has any ideas, he and I would very much
>appreciate your sending them to: michael at
>Thanks, Lance
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>Date sent:              Fri, 13 Nov 1998 13:37:25 -0600 (CST)
>From:                   michael at SLU.EDU
>Subject:                Asian Religions and Modern Science
>As I mentioned on the phone, I am currently doing work with the
>John Templeton Foundation and the Center for Theology and the Natural
>Sciences in Berkeley, and my task to broaden the science-religion dialogue
>to take account of Hinduism and Buddhism.
>There is an enormous body of work, both historical and philosophical, on
>the connections between Christianity and natural science, but thus far I
>have found relatively little on Hinduism and Buddhism in relation to the
>natural sciences.  Generally the approach taken by Templeton/ C.T.N.S. is
>to start with a strong grounding in empirical science, and then to attempt
>a "dialogue" or even an "integration" with religion.
>So here's my question: What books and articles attempt this kind of
>dialogue or integration of science and religion with Hinduism or Buddhism?
>(I already know about Fritjof Capra's _The Tao of Physics_, and a few
>older books that present a kind of apologetic for Asian religions through
>an appeal to science.)
>Your suggestions would be very welcome.
>Mike McClymond
>Saint Louis University
>E-mail: michael at
>Phone: 314-977-2871
>Lance Nelson
>Theology & Religious Studies
>University of San Diego
>lnelson at
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