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>Dear members of the net:
>I have a question regarding the use of Sanskrit by the Hindutva people. I
(believe I) know that the VHP has published a major political program
document in Sanskrit. Are there any more such documents published in Skt.,
or other political tracts, and where would they be available?
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Nov 15, 98

Dear Member,
You may be interested in knowing that books in Sanskrit on Hinduism have
been published. I know the following ones as they were typeset on my PC:
1)  Samskrita-raksanaartham Hindutva-posanam Aaavashyakam (1991)
2)  Naanaatve Ekatvam Hinduunaam Vaishistyam (1992)
3)  Atithidevo Bhava (1994). Originally written as a Doctoral thesis, but
not submitted for fear of hurting feelings of people about the cow by
references in ancient Sanskrit texts about cow-slaughter for meat.
All these books are by M. P. Degvekar, an ex-RSS worker, who can be
contacted at the following address: 4 Naik Appartments, 747 Guruwar Peth,
PUNE 411 042, India.
Sorry for the ugly spellings of Sanskrit words in the absense of the
availability on e-mail of a Roman font with diacritical marks. I am tempted
to offer our MaxMuller font (diacritical Roman) free to the members of
Indology List, but cannot do so without the consent of my colleagues who
worked hard to develop it.
Best wishes.

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