Sanskrit plays on European stages (and elsewhere)

Fri Nov 13 16:21:00 UTC 1998

To some eextant the sanskrit theater is alive in Kerala.


At 11:57 AM 11/13/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Thanks to Lars Martin Fosse, Rebecca Manring
>and Yaroslav V. Vassilkov for their answers.
>Of course, when I said "European stages", I did not mean
>to exclude the United States of America (to mention at least
>one country outside Europe ...).
>I think I should may be further extend my question
>to performances of translations
>into modern languages (including English)
>of classical Sanskrit plays on Indian stages.
>The general question being of course
>"Where is Sanskrit theatre alive?"
>in the sense that we can say that
>Shakespeare is alive to-day in Paris:
>1. you can go today or tomorrow
> to the Théatre de la Ville and see
> a performance (in French) of
> "La Nuit des Rois" ("Twelfth Night")
>2. you can go today or tomorrow
> to the Théatre Lucien Paye and see
> a performance (in French) of
> "Roméo et Juliette" ("Romeo and Juliet")
>3. you can go today or tomorrow
> to the Théatre l'Athénée and see a play
> "librement inspirée de William Shakespeare"
> under the title of "La Tragédie de Coriolan"
>Where is Bhavabhuti alive?
>Where is Kalidasa alive?
>Why are they not so very much alive as Shakespeare is?
> (I tend to think this is partly because the field of INDOLOGY
>  has been from the beginning confiscated to some extent
>  by indo-europeanists but this is of course
>  a very partial answer .... :-)
>  and not a criticism ;-)
>-- Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD (Paris)

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