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>The name kRshNamAcAri comes from the words kRshNam + AcArya,
>not kRshNamA. There is no female element here.  In Tamil,
>male names ending in 'n' are often changed to end in 'm' --
>hence rAmAnujan is also said and seen as rAmAnujam.  kRshNan
>becomes kRshNam and with the "AcArya" honorific, the name
>becomes kRshNamAcArya/kRshNamAcAri.

 I also know S. Rajam, brother of Veenai Balachandar.
 A great painter; My family has a good collection of
 original paintings by him.

 Also, I knew the late Sri. Rajam (known as 'Murray' Rajam)
 He is no more. This Srivaishnavaite's service to
 Tamil is immeasurable. For all the sangam classics,
 naalaayiram, kamban, kallaaDam, cilambu, prabandhams like
 kuR. kuRavanji, nandik kalambakam, kal. paraNi, etc.,
 he convened a team of scholars headed by T. P. Meenakshisundaram
 S. Vaiyapuri Pillai, M. Shanmugam, S. K. Ramarajan, Pi. Sri.,
 They broke the texts into
 separate words (where they should break and where not;
 the rules themselves was an achievement which was condensed
 in a book - canti, kuRiyiiTTu viLakkam). After breaking
 the sandhi of classical tamil texts and adding the
 punctuation marks, Rajam issued these classics
 for Re. 1/- !! Nowadays, people sell his work
 for 300 times that price!

 The French Institute of Indology's Tevaram edition
 is basically what Rajam gave to them.

 Kamban Kazhagam edition is also Rajam's.

 What is available at Uni-Koeln website of classical
 Tamil texts is also Rajam's achievement.

 No Tamilnadu govt. by Dravidian or otherwise has
 done so much for Tamil!

 N. Ganesan

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