Dominique Thillaud

Artur Karp hart at POLBOX.COM
Wed Nov 11 12:44:37 UTC 1998

At 09:57 11.11.98 +-100, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>Artur Karp and H. M. Hubey keep referring to Dominique Thillaud as "she".
I believe that last time I was in contact with Dominique, she was a man.
What has happened?
>Best regards,
>Lars Martin


Dear Dominique --- I am terribly embarrassed.

The mistake is exclusively mine, not M. Hubey's.

It only shows that:

1) I tend to rely too much on analogies (always feminine: Veronique, Monique);

2) Dtto on my own language's feeling for gender (Dominik-Dominika).

It's obvious now that I need to go deeper into your language - which I take
on as a self-appointed task.

I do hope you accept my apology.

Artur Karp, M.A.

University of Warsaw

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