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Wed Nov 11 08:20:56 UTC 1998

Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>Dear Sandra, what can I say? It is several years since I read Dutch, and I never really had time to make an >indepth study - I only got as far as to be able to read De Telegraph. What I really had in mind was the gender >of the nouns, I can't remember that you have anything like the German system with "der Mann - die Frau - >das Auto". 

>But nevertheless: I stand corrected and ask humbly for forgiveness for spreading such false doctrines about >Dutch.

Your apologies have been accepted. And as to the nouns, indeed, the gender is not obvious; it's invisible. The only way to see it is in combination with pronouns, which clearly have gender (hij 'he', zij 'she', het 'it' and so on). By the way, next time you read Dutch, try NRC Handelsblad instead of De Telegraaf; much more educated.

Sandra van der Geer
Leiden, NL
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