Sanskrit plays on European stages

Rebecca Manring rmanring at INDIANA.EDU
Tue Nov 10 12:54:37 UTC 1998

Yes; I saw Bhasa's Broken Thigh staged in London about ten years ago, by a
group of Asian-Britons, using the original staging as much as possible.
It was performed in a small theatre and about half the audience left at
intermission, but those of us who stayed, enjoyed it tremendously.

Rebecca Manring
India Studies
Indiana University

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD wrote:

> Dear Indologists,
> I would like to know whether classical Sanskrit plays
> have ever been staged in European theaters
> during the past two centuries and whether it was a success.
> I know of course that some plays have been
> translated into european tongues
> but I have been wondering whether some of these
> had reached the general public.
> Thanks for any hint
> -- J.-L. Chevillard
> P.S. I am not talking about performances
> like Peter Brook's Mahabharata, but about
> traditional plays.

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