Sanskrit plays on European stages

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        In 1979 the participants of the IV World Sanskrit Conference were lucky to
see an excellent performance of MudrArAkSasa at Deutschen Nationaltheater in
Weimar (East Germany). It was staged in 1977; the translation
by Prof. W.Morgenroth was used. There is a book: Mudrarakshasa oder des
Kanzlers Siegelring. Dokumentation einer Inszenierung am Deutschen
Nationalteater in Weimar unter der Regie von Vijaya Mehta und Fritz Bennewitz.
Berlin, 1979 (contains German translation of the play, several articles and
many photographs).
       Russian translation of zUdraka's MRcchakaTikA was done in 1956 by
V.Vorob'jov-Desjatovskij; a year later the play was staged in Moscow as
"The White Lotus" (in the 1960-ies it was still performed, but, as it
seems to me now, under the original title: "The Little Clay Cart").

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