Paired Horse and PIE breakup

H.M.Hubey hubeyh at MONTCLAIR.EDU
Mon Nov 9 01:11:56 UTC 1998

Dominique.Thillaud wrote:
> Dear Mark,
>         You wrote (Sat, 7 Nov 1998 00:35:44 -0500):
> >Doesn't this sound a little like ...
>         But, few time before (Fri, 6 Nov 1998 23:45:21 -0500):
> >I am a computer scientist and engineer.
>         Hence, I'm able to suppose you have some knowledge of combinatories
> and statistics:
>         - assuming that for each word there is a score of synonymous or
> quasi-synonymous (lying in the same semantic field) and twice many
> metaphores.
>         - assuming that for each "sound" there is an half-dozen of "little
> like" sounds.
>         You're surely able to compute how many "good" correspondances could
> be found between any two languages: incredible!

PIck up my paper on the topic on my web site. That is for exact matches.

With a semantic shift of N, and a phonetic similarity/shift of M, the
average number is N*M times the calculations shown in my paper and my
book. Since the average is 1. The average, providing "leeways", is
about multiplying this number by some constant. One way is N*M as I
showed above. I am sure that everyone can do multiplication, even you.

>         With such methods and a touch of imagination, fabulous historical
> conclusions can be obtained:
> < Ancient dwellers of England were highly attracted by Roman girls and made
> < currently razzias to obtain them. That's proved by "woman < romana" and
> < "girl < clara" (fair complexion).

Maybe this could be obtained by people whose capabilities are about as
high as yours, but certainly not by me :-)

I know more about probability theory than sophomore level combinations
and permutations.

>         In the same way, you have good forebears: A counsellor of Hitler
> (better to forget his name) gave him a good reason to invade England: they
> were all Jewish, as proved by "Saxon < Isaac-son".
>         There is no doubt that "Turcs in Etruria" is in the same vein.
>         Regards,
> Dominique

Little bit more sarcasm, even if only to prove that you are upset about
something quite serious.

> Dominique THILLAUD
> Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

Best Regards,
hubeyh at =-=-=-=
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