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Yaroslav V. Vassilkov wrote:
>         Nowhere in the present-day European scholarly literature you can
> find any traces of racial or ethnocentric prejudices (if you can - please
> tell us, we shall discuss it).

I don't know specifically about European literature, since it is written
in a broad range of languages.

However, just giving a few of the more extreme examples from the U.S.
try reading _The Bell Curve_ or the numerous works of Philippe Rushton.
Or even, on the lighter side, some of Arthur Schlesinger Jr.'s recent
writings where he lauds Western culture as superior to that of others.

Just a second there! I understood that Vassilkov was referring to linguists/philologists! The Bell Curve was not produced by "us". It is a work with a totally different professional background. And it has been massacred in several places by people with a similar background. 

Also, you might try investigating the eugenic roots of a great segment
of the modern anthropological and genetic community of today.  As late
as the 1970s, many of today's top geneticists and anthropologists were
members of open eugenic societies.  A great number are still members of
those societies, which have changed their names and operate now on a
cryptic level.

As for the eugenic societies, such societies were certainly very popular in the period before the second world war, but were not specifically directed against people of other races (although such people were certainly also targeted, as we know). Eugenics were popular in Scandinavian social democracies as well, and used as an excuse to weed out social "misfits" of various kinds. The governments wanted a "healthy stock".  I assume that it is in the latter sense that eugenics are still alive. The abortion on demand policies of the Nordic social democracies have shown themselves to have a kind of "automatic" eugenic effect, because some couples have abortions when their child proves to have some kind of physical or  mental deficiency, a fact which has caused consternation in pro-abortion circles. It is interesting that the Danish government once calculated the reduction of social costs given an abortion-on-demand policy. They found that such a policy would benefit the state by reducing the social budgets. Consequently, Denmark got abortion on demand, but with a less commercial motivation - "pro choice". 

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