diabetes, epilepsy, hedgehogs

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Sat Nov 7 19:47:41 UTC 1998

Three >completely< unrelated questions:

1. Is it true that diabetes is particularly common in Bengal?
   If so, why? (I was just intrigued by a footnote in R. Rolland's
   "Vie de Ramakrishna", chap. 6, "Le diabete, un des fleaux du
   Bengale. Vivekananda aussi [comme Keshab Chunder Sen] y succomba"

2. Did epilepsy have in India the same kind of divine associations
   that it had in Europe?

3. Gypsies consider hedgehog a delicacy. They bake it inside a lump
   of clay (or so my mother described it to me; she used the French
   term "terre glaise". I'm not sure it is clay but it should be
   close. Sorry for any technical inaccuracy). My question is:
   could this custom have an Indian origin? (Btw, is the study of
   Gypsies considered to be part of Indology?)

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