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> This if from McEvedy. I wonder if anyone can direct me to books from
> which this knowledge is apparently/allegedly derived.
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> Anthropologists recognize four distinct sub-Saharan populations:
> Negroes, Nilo-Saharans, Pygmies, and San. The Negroes' original homeland
> was the forest and bush country of West Africa: they were, and are, big,
> black-skinned and broad-nosed. The Nilo-Saharans are also big and black,
> but noticeably thinner in both the body and face: at the time of this
> map, they were probably confined to the Middle Third of the Nile Valley
> and the area immediately round it. The rest of sub-Saharan Africa (bar
> the Horn) was divided between the Pygmies and the San. The Pygmies'
> habitat is the rain forest of the Zaire basin. They are really small
> ...; their skin is brown to black, their noses broad and their hair
> scanty. The San are bigger without being big and yellow rather than
> brown or black; their hair grows in tufts that give it a characteristic
> 'peppercorn' look. Now they are confined the Kalahari desert in the
> south-west of the continent, but at the time we are talking of they had
> the whole eastern and southern Africa to themselves.
> Africa north of the Sahara was part of the wider world and inhabited by
> people descended from the 'out of Africa' contingent.The group they
> belonged to includes Semites of Arabia and other parts of the Middle
> East and is referred to by linguists as Afro-Asiatic: the African
> (Hamitic) members are Berber (spoken in the Maghreb], Coptic, and
> Cushitic.

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