Paired Horse and PIE breakup

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 6 14:32:08 UTC 1998

>     Otherwise, one has to explain widespread conversion by
>     'horse cult' monks from Rome to India.

P. K. Manansala writes:
*Again you have ignored the fact that culture does not require monks *to
spread. The extremely close similarities between the Scythians
*and the Hsiung-nu, for example.

   I used the word 'monks' because I was alerted: Buddhism's spread
   must also be considered. The spread of Mahayana Buddhism
   has very much to do with writing and literacy. Pali Canon
   in Hinayana was spread aurally, whereas Mahayana went great
distances because of its visual imagery. Indian monks
   were in China explaining the lankavataara, saddharma pundarika,
   lalitavistara, avatamsaka ... suutrams. Chinese
   pilgrims, Hsuan Tsang the prince amidst them, came searching
   for pi.taka texts. Of course, for Islam, Koran and its
   preachers played a significant role. A singe book spreads
   the message what it will take for a dedicated team decades.
   Nowadays, movies - Little Buddha, Richard Gere.

   I want to know parallels to IE horse complex of myth/ritual
   that has spread great distances (eg., Rome and India) in
   preliterate/nonliterate societies.

   N. Ganesan

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