[Re: Paired Horse and PIE breakup]

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Fri Nov 6 13:37:17 UTC 1998

Dr. Vidal wrote:[snip] > But I do agree with Renfrew that there's a striking
similarity> between the expansion of Indo-European languages across Europe
and> the expansion of agriculture across the same area.  It has to be> borne
in mind, however, that this expansion was not entirely gradual> as Renfrew has
it, but proceeded in several stages. [nsip]

I remember reading Schaffer's presentation in the Michigan conference in
October 1997, (about the untenable archaeological or linguistic bases for the
Aryan migration theories and about indigenous discontinuities and internal
migrations evidenced by hundreds of IVC sites)where he (together with his
co-author) states (to the effect) that Renfrew even falsified archaeological
evidence to explain his agricultural expansion route theories. Maybe, someone
has ready access to the paper to cite more precisely.


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