Paired Horse and PIE breakup

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 6 13:35:28 UTC 1998

Dr. H. M. Hubey attributes this to me.
I never wrote this. It is Prof. David W. Anthony's
article in the well-known "Antiquity".
I quoted verbatim Anthony's words and gave the reference.

N. Ganesan
Many side-tracks that have come up were
given due consideration in Prof. Anthony's researches
for decades. He is an archaeologist too!]

N. Ganesan wrote:

>    Finally, there is simply no internal phonetic or
>    morphological evidence for borrowing within the
>    relevant Indo-European vocabulary. None of these
>    terms - and there are at least 35, when the six roots
>    are multiplied by the number of IE languages in which
>    they appear - is a phonological or morphological
>    misfit within its language lineage (Gamkrelidze &
>    Ivanov 1984: 718-38; Meid 1994; Mallory & Adams
>    forthcoming). If the wheeled-vehicle vocabulary
>    originated in an Indo-European daughter language
>    after the separation of the IE languages into
>    numerous distinct phonological and morphological
>    systems, then the phonetic and morphological traits
>    of that language should be detectable in at least
>    some of the borrowed vocabulary, given the
>    phonological distinctiveness of the IE daughter
>    languages. The absence of such evidence indicates
>    that the IE wheeled-vehicle vocabulary was not
>    borrowed, but inherited from PIE.

I bet all or almost all Altaic languages have some word
like "radyo", "radiyo", "radio", "aradiyo" or something
like it for radio, but it hardly means that they invented
it or that they did not borrow the word.

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