[Re: Paired Horse and PIE breakup]

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Thu Nov 5 21:00:20 UTC 1998

Dear Ganesan,
I am looking at the sintashta burial image reconstructed by
Prof. Koryakova; f.http://sarasvati.simplenet.com/sintashta/sintashta2.htm
This is dated to ca. 2000 BC; the wheel looks solid in this picture.
Are there other reports related to spoked wheels and what dates?

owner-indology at LISTSERV.LIV.AC.UK wrote:
> >for e.g. the Sintashta archaeological finds of

> >solid-wheeled chariot fragments?


>   Sintashta chariots had spoked wheels.


> Regards,

> N. Ganesan



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