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>I see a slight logical problem here. The claim that Sintashta >chariots
>are the World's earliest chariots should be modified to a statement
>like this: "Sintashta chariots are the earliest chariots to be found
>in the World YET." Or something to that effect.

 Yes, Dr. Fosse's point is well-taken. But, Littauer
 calls these to be 'proto' chariots. True chariots
 are only 1800 B.C.  Sintashta chariots are evolving
 towards true ones. So, the archaelogical finds
 can at best go back few centuries before 2000 B.C.
 (say 2500 B.C.)

Point well taken! However, just to be difficult, my experience in other matters is that "older models" sometimes coexist with newer one chronologically (e.g. Islandic is practically identical to Old Norse, whereas Norwegian and Old Norse are two different languages), because of different traditions of various kinds in different places. I would therefore still say that conservative judgements are in place. Also: the proto-chariot may simply have been a chariot for special purposes and therefore with a special design. But I won't argue this view very strongly since I haven't seen the material on the proto chariot. :-))

The same applies of course to the true chariots - the oldest ones we know date back to 1800 B. C. There may be older ones still. 

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