Kusunda et al.

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Oops, I hadn't noticed the switch in mailing lists...

For puzzled Indology members, I should explain that this was a
discussion on the Nostratic list about Kusunda, a (recently extinct,
it seems) language of Nepal, which, together with Nahali and
Burushaski, is one of the three language isolates [single languages
or small language families which have not been shown to be related to
any other language] on the Indian subcontinent (four if we count
Andamanese).   In that context, Jacob had mentioned Elfenbein about
Brahui, and had subsequently consulted prof. Krishnamurti.  My
response had gone to the Nostratic list, and I thoughtlessly failed
to add prof. Krishnamurti to the recipient list, for which I

I hope that clears it up.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
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