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S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Sun Nov 1 02:15:26 UTC 1998

> Probably already discussed to death, but what's the current thinking> on the
equation mleccha = meluhha ?> Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

I think the issue is still not completely dead; the nature of central trade or
transtit point interactions among the dilmun, makan, and meluhha have still to
be explained. A Pali word, melukka means copper. Maha_bha_rata does refer to
the mleccha language, in an area close to Gujarat, perhaps the kacchi (Rann of
Kutch), where a number of IVC sites have been found? Sarasvati river did flow
through the Rann and the Nal lake right upto Lothal, in the early phases of
IVC, it is possible that some sites such as Kotda (Dholavira) were islands.

There was a series of exchanges in JESHO, when meluhha was also related to
me_r-kku, west (Tamil).


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